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  • Adults (12+) -  $10 per day

  • Children (6-11) - $5 per day

  • Children (0-5) - Free




  • Adults (12+) -  $30 - Night 1

  • Children (6-11) - $15 - Night 1

  • Children (0-5) - Free



  • $25/night per RV
    (in addition to Camping Fees)


Just $10 for adults and $5 for kids - the Day Pass is a perfect way to experience the beauty and adventure of the Ranch.

Paid at the Check-In Hut with Cash/Check, the Day Pass allows unlimited access to the Ranch for the day for all things:

STOP at the Check-In Hut -- Pay fees & sign waiver PRIOR TO ENTRY

• Biking

• Hiking

• Water Sports

• Bird Watching

• Nature Photography

For the first night, a Camping Fee for each adult is $30 and $15 for each child (ages 6-11).  This price includes two Day Passes.

Each additional night is $20 for adults and $10 for kids (6-11).

Camping comes with access to all of the Day Pass activities, as well as allows you the opportunity to fish the lakes of RPR (>1 child present).

STOP at the Check-In Hut -- Pay fees & sign waiver PRIOR TO ENTRY

In addition to the per-person Camping Fees, for $25/night, stay in your own RV while at the Ranch!

• Must have reservation and assigned spot.

• Text (512) 914-9411 for RV reservations.

• No additional fee for RVs using generator or not using power at all.

• RVs using generator must park to the right of main road along back fence.


NOTE: Payment & Procedure options

vary depending on activity. 

• For all activities - cash/check at the CHECK-IN HUT. 

• This includes: biking, hiking, camping, water sports, pavilion activities etc.

• Place all waivers and cash/check into large brown envelope.


• For all activities  - self-check at the CHECK-IN HUT.

• All guests must sign a waiver and pay fees upon entry.

• On-site RPR staff will check in with visitors to answer questions and make sure waivers have been signed and fees have been paid.

• Place all waivers and cash/check into the large brown envelope, per car.

• Numbered post-it note on outside of the large brown envelope must be placed on the car dashboard.



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Questions / Group Reservations / More Info -- email or text (512) 914-9411.

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